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With the help of God Almighty and thanks to your support, we have reached an amazing milestone: since NZF began, we have helped over 10,000 people in need with over £10 million of Zakat funds. Over a quarter of those people in need have been supported in 2018.

Serving people most in need

We have been able to assist the most vulnerable in our community to get on the path to being financially independent and feel confident about their future. It’s amazing to see how this has a direct and beneficial impact on their faith in God and their sense of belonging to the Muslim community.

In the coming period, our Economic Empowerment Programme will continue to build on its past successes. We are embarking on an exciting redesign in 2019 to improve
the effectiveness and efficiency of our grant-giving system for those in hardship.

Comprehensive Zakat distribution

In 2018, we completed and published our Zakat Distribution Strategy. Qur’anic guidance is for Zakat to be distributed across eight categories for both individual and collective benefit. This is what makes Zakat such a comprehensive support mechanism for a community of

In light of the learnings presented in our Strategy document, 2018 saw the launch of our Leadership Investment Programme. This unique element of our Zakat distribution ensures that we can do more justice to the overarching purpose of Zakat. Through the Muslim Leaders Development Fund, we supported the development of emerging leaders – our future imams, scholars and community activists. In addition, we supported service delivery, funding those already leading Muslim projects and institutions. The funding provided built upon our work piloted in this area in late 2017.

Always improving

Over the years, we have made constant improvements to our strategic and operational model, borne out of a desire to ensure that we are travelling in the right direction.
We can now say with confidence that our long-term intent is both fixed and clear. We believe in the local, unified and balanced distribution of Zakat as a vital means to uphold submission to God (Islam) in our society. Our mission remains to distribute Zakat transformatively across the United Kingdom. Our vision will always be for Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all. We will continue to improve the way we work in order to achieve our vision.

Local Zakat – together

We hope you are proud of all we are achieving together. The deep commitment shown to NZF by individuals and organisations across the country, our partners and our referral institutions, is inspiring. You make all our work possible. We simply could not do it without you. Thank you.

Read the report to find out how we spent your Zakat last year.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.



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